On April 1, 2013 Robesonia Redware opened the doors to their gift store located right on 422 in Robesonia, PA. Not only is the store full of their one of a kind, museum grade pottery, but you'll love the paintings, wood carvings, candles, cards, ironwork, baskets and more, all handmade by local artisans. Their hours vary throughout the year in order to accommodate their customer's busy schedules and they even have "By Appointment" hours available as well. If you can't make it to the store, check out the "Purchase" tab for a complete list of locations that their pottery is available at.

About Our Potters


Hours: Sun thru Wed - By Appointment    Thur thru Sat - 10AM to 6PM

Our Store

Robesonia Redware consists of Scott Madeira, Thilo Schmitz and Curt Pearson who continuously work off our individual strengths to produce museum grade redware.  To work and build our business as a family of potters is a great feeling for us. 

Scott Madeira who was employed by Lester Breininger for 40 years has been making handmade figurines that have always amazed redware collectors.  Starting when he was a young man, his works have been in many museum collections, featured in many magazines and even hanging on the White House Christmas tree.  While working a full-time job and making pottery part-time, Scott also helped raise two young boys.  He would often bring his boys to work with him and they would watch while their dad would turn lumps of clay into his animals and figurines.

Learning at an early age, his two boys, Thilo Schmitz and Curt Pearson, both mastered rolling plates, glazing and firing the redware.  Thilo was with Breininger Pottery for who over 21 years and has become an amazing sgraffito and sliptrail artist.  Curt, an 18 year employee of Breininger Pottery, has become well rounded in decorating, throwing and  managing the business.   

Together we were the chief designers at Breininger Pottery for the last 10 years it was in business keeping the PA German tradition alive.  When the doors to Breininger Pottery closed, our family just couldn't stay away from playing in the clay.  We love what we do day in and day out.  The long tradition of redware has been in our family for over 80 years combined and we have decided to keep it going with Robesonia Redware.